Cheyenne and Arapaho El Reno Indian Health Service Clinic

By on April 20, 2022

The Cheyenne and Arapaho El Reno Indian Health Service Clinic is a new 16,000 sf Clinic to serve tribal members in the surrounding area. The design reflects Cheyenne and Arapaho culture. A visioning workshop was conducted by Anishinabe Design to determine the appropriate treatment of cultural aspects to be included in the design. The building is characterized by a sweeping curvilinear entry canopy that protects patients from inclement weather while allowing north light to permeate the lobby. The entrance is oriented to the east. The remainder of the exterior uses stone to symbolize the native materials in the region. The interior houses a Greeter, Registration, Dental, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Primary Care, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, and Staff support areas. The staff conference room also serves as an ICC 500 Safe Room with a capacity of 50. The front entrance features automatic swinging doors, numerous HVAC safety-related systems, including a Dedicated Outside Air System, Hepa Filtration, Needle Point Bi-polarization, and UV light treatments to kill or treat air-born pathogens.